At Merchant Services Enterprise, we provide personalized financial solutions designed to help your business grow. Here’s how we can help you.

Our solutions

Payment Gateways:

Our versatile payment gateway options offer you the flexibility to authorize payments seamlessly across online, in-store, and mobile platforms. While there are numerous other verified gateways available, some have opted not to be showcased in our selection.

Our services

Standard ACH version is available to all merchants at no cost who join us. But always other options as shown in the picture .


Our Other Services:


Gift Card Program:
Electronic Gift Card Program
  1. BRING IN NEW CUSTOMERS: Ideal for promotional mailings, charitable donations, come-back rewards and more
  2. INCREASE SALES & PROFITS: Studies show that most card recipients spend more than the value of their card. The value stays on the card and in-store.
  3. ENCOURAGE REPEAT BUSINESS: Regular customers can use a prepaid balance for recurring services.
  4. POPULAR WITH CUSTOMERS: One of the top gifts for birthday, holidays, business rewards and special occasions. 
  5. SIMPLE TO MANAGE: Consolidated electronic reporting and tracking is simple to manage. 
Electronic Check Services
The Benefits:

Faster Access to Funds 

Reduced Cost & Labor

Seamless Returns Management 

Minimized Risk and Loss Exposure

Improved Reporting 

One Partner for Payment Processing – Credit/ Debit & Check